Uncle Tio Photography



"All About Uncle Tio"

I guess I need to start with the obvious...what's up with Uncle Tio? Plain and simple, when you have nieces and nephews that can't make up their minds if they should call you Uncle or Tio (only because of my "tan" complexion), you then get called both! Gotta love kids!! And to be honest, they are the reason photography has become a passion of mine. Every time there's a family event or gathering, all I have to do is follow them around and hopefully capture those moments that can last for a lifetime.

As a freelance photographer, there's nothing more important to me than freezing those special moments in time! Pictures are not meant just to be looked at but be able to relive those memories and bring life back to those images.

My sessions are pretty relaxed, fun, and comfortable. I am open minded when it comes to my client's requests and I absolutely encourage fun and unique ideas to make the session a more meaningful and memorable experience.

Uncle Tio's Photography Studio is located near the Birthplace of Texas, Washington On The Brazos at Old Washington, TX...which is located just north of Brenham, between Austin and Houston, just south of College Station/Bryan, and just a short drive to San Antonio and Dallas/Forth Worth.

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